Welcome 2020 – 2021 KDVA Interns!

The KDVA Interns will have opportunities to learn more about the ROK-U.S. Alliance and its diverse topics, gain invaluable professional experience, develop skills, make professional contacts, and make contributions to the ROK-U.S. Alliance.  They will be involved in diverse research and activity projects to include:

  • Researching ROK-U.S. Alliance topics.
  • Writing Alliance articles for the KDVA quarterly journal, webpage, newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Serving as Research Assistants to team with a senior KDVA leader and write articles for KDVA platforms, news articles, and think tank publications.
  • Collaborating with academic institutions and young professional organizations to research joint projects.
  • Supporting events in Seoul and DC.
  • Supporting social media efforts.

We look forward to their efforts “Together for the ROK-U.S. Alliance.”

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General Brooks’ Inaugural Message

Download Inaugural Letter: General Brooks_Inaugural Letter

Korean translation by Mr. Hong, Sukgi “KG”, KDVA Research Associate/Linguist, 번역: 홍석기 (주한미군전우회 연구원/통번역사) 

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Did You Know … that the Republic of Korea and the United States signed their Mutual Defense Treaty on October 1, 1953?

1953년 10월 1일, 67년 전 오늘. 대한민국과 미합중국이 방위조약을 체결한 사실, “알고 계셨나요?”

This treaty codified the special commitment that the United States and South Korea made to each other 67 years ago, and continues to be the backbone of this Alliance which has become irreplaceable. We are very fortunate that the relationship between these two great allies and friends has developed into all facets of our shared economic, diplomatic, cultural, and military lives.

한미상호방위조약은 67년전 한미 양국이 평화, 안전 및 상호 방위를 성문화하여 체결한 조약으로 조인 시점부터 오늘에 이르기까지 강력한 한미동맹의 초석을 이루고있습니다. 주한미군전우회는 한미동맹이 군사 동맹을 넘어 경제, 외교, 문화 등 사회 전반의 모든 측면으로 발전한 것을 감사하게 생각합니다.

As we recognize the signing of the U.S.-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty, KDVA is thankful for the strong relationship between two of the world’s great militaries.  And on October 1 – the ROK Armed Forces Day – KDVA recognizes how vigilant the ROK military is in the face of the North Korean threat which is one of the most difficult and complex threats in the world.  Their efforts every day keep the South Korean people safe and secure, and the ROK-U.S. Alliance stands firmly with them.

주한미군전우회는 한미상호방위조약 체결 67주년을 기념하고, 세계에서 가장 강력한 군사력을 가진 국가 중 하나인 한국과 미국이 강력한 동맹 관계를 유지하고 있음을 감사하게 생각합니다. 오늘 10월 1일은 한미상호방위조약의 체결일이자 대한민국 ‘국군의 날’이기도 합니다. 북한 위협 억제라는 어려운 도전과제에 대응하기 위하여한국군이 철통같은 방어태세를 항시 유지하고 있음을 주한미군전우회는 잘 알고 있습니다. 대한민국과 국민들의 안전을 수호하기 위해 국군장병들은 매일 피와 땀으로헌신하고 있으며, 한미동맹은 이 헌신과 사역에 함께 할 것입니다.

But the true security of the ROK-U.S. Alliance lies in the trust that Koreans and Americans have for each other.  This trust was developed and earned on the battlefields of the Korean War, along the frontlines of the de-militarized zone (DMZ), in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in the daily interactions of our two peoples.

한미동맹의 진정한 힘은 한미 양국의 강력한 상호 신뢰에 기반합니다. 이러한 신뢰는 양국이 동맹으로 한국전쟁에서 함께 싸우며 그 싹을 틔웠고, 한반도 비무장지대(DMZ)의 최전방, 베트남 전쟁, 아프가니스탄 전쟁, 이라크 전쟁 등을 비롯하여 양국 국민들의 일상적 교류에 이르기까지 한미 양국이 함께 협력하고 교류하며 지속적으로 신뢰 관계를 발전시켜왔습니다.

So during the Chuseok Holiday (also this week!) when Koreans celebrate harvesting the fruits of their hard work and enjoy their bonds as a great people, KDVA celebrates our ROK-U.S. Alliance which has truly become an “Alliance for the Ages.”

한해의 결실을 기념하고 사랑하는 이들의 소중함을 되새기는 한가위를 맞이하여, 주한미군전우회는 유구한 전통처럼 유지되는 위대한 동맹으로 발전한 한미동맹을 기념하며 한가위 소망을 전합니다. 몸도 마음도 풍요로운 행복한 한가위 보내시기를 진심으로 소망합니다.


Colonel (Ret.) Seung Joon ”Steve” Lee

KDVA Senior Vice President

대령(예) Steve Lee (이승준)  

주한미군전우회 부회장


Korean translation by Mr. Hong, Sukgi “KG”, KDVA Research Associate/Linguist, 번역: 홍석기 (주한미군전우회 연구원/통번역사) 

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Recording Now Available: Korea Defense Veterans Webinar Series – Part 1


View the full webinar recording and short clips on KDVA’s Digital Library page and YouTube channel.

On September 17, 2020, the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) and the Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) provided Korean Defense Veterans and their families an opportunity to talk about their assignments in Korea, raised awareness about their vital, irreplaceable mission in Korea, and highlighted how Korea really is an assignment of choice!

Check out the full webinar recording and short clips by clicking the video links below or visiting the KDVA digital library page and YouTube channel.

“Together for the ROK-U.S. Alliance”


This webinar series follows the webinar series that KDVA started in June 2020 for Korean War Veterans.  Please see the webinars in the KDVA Digital Library at

Later on, KDVA will conduct a webinar about ROK and U.S. Defense Veterans of the De-militarized Zone or DMZ.


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Recording Now Available: KDVA Internship Webinar


View recording on KDVA’s Digital Library page and YouTube channel.

On September 10, 2020, KDVA held a webinar about the KDVA Internship Program to give our members and supporters insights into the program and to answer questions from anyone interested in applying for the next internship group which will start on October 1, 2020.



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Remembering U.S. Patriot Day on 9/11 and South Korea’s Support


“Terrible Tuesday” on 9/11 started as a beautiful day for the east coast of the United States.  But after three attacks within 77 minutes, the lives of all Americans changed.  And U.S. Service Members have been in combat operations since.

Most of the world mourned with the United States and many pledged support as the U.S. embarked on the War on Terrorism.  South Korea was one of the United States’ staunchest allies who supported with troops and resources.  They have been with the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf.  Their national support has been invaluable on many fronts in this long war.

As we remember everyone who fell in New York City, in the Pentagon, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and in all battlefields around the world, KDVA is very thankful for South Korea’s support. This support is sometimes overlooked because so much about the Korean Peninsula is overshadowed by North Korea’s threats. Defending against North Korea’s threats is the mission of the ROK-U.S. Alliance.  KDVA will continue to support our Veterans and this irreplaceable Alliance to keep it the strongest and best in the world. 

Thank you sincerely for all you do “Together for the ROK-U.S. Alliance.”


Alternate text
General (Ret.) Walter Sharp
President and Chairman, KDVA
Former Commander, United Nations Command / ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command / U.S. Forces Korea
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Soldiers from across South Korea participate in the 9/11 Memorial Ruck March at Camp Humphreys, South Korea, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019. MATTHEW KEELER/STARS AND STRIPES


Alternate text

CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea: Soldiers and civilians took part in the 9/11 Memorial Ruck March in remembrance of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and those who have gave their lives for freedom since. Photo by Sgt. Patrick Eakin 09.09.2017

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KDVA Welcomes General (Ret.) Vincent Brooks as New Chairman and President


General (Retired) Vincent K. Brooks

빈센트 브룩스 대장(예)

The Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) Board of Directors is very proud to announce that General (Ret.) Vincent Brooks will become the new KDVA Chairman and President on October 1, 2020.  General Brooks was the Commander of the United Nations Command, ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command, and U.S. Forces Korea (UNC/CFC/USFK) from 2016 to 2018.

주한미군전우회 이사회는 2020년 10월 1일을 기점으로 주한미군전우회의 신임 이사장 및 회장으로 빈센트 브룩스 장군(예)이 취임할 것을 의결하였습니다. 본 결정과 관련하여 現 회장 및 이사장이신 샤프 장군(예)은 다음과 같이 축하 인사를 전하셨습니다.

“General Brooks is one of the most recognized and most respected leaders of the ROK-U.S. Alliance.  He is widely admired for his deep understanding of Alliance topics as well as his love of the Korean people and their culture,” said General (Ret.) Walter Sharp, the current Chairman and President of KDVA.  “Since its founding in April 2017, KDVA has made significant strides in raising awareness of vital Alliance issues and support for the Veterans and Service Members who built the Alliance and continue to serve it.  There is no doubt that Vince will take KDVA to the next level in bringing all stakeholders in the Alliance together so that we continue to fulfill the legacy of our Korean War and Defense Veterans in keeping the Alliance strong to defend our two nations’ interests.”

“브룩스 장군은 한미동맹사에서 높이 존경받는 지도자 중 한 분으로, 한미동맹 관련 각종 현안에 대한 탁월한 식견과 한국 국민 및 문화에 대한 깊은 애정을 갖고 있는 것으로 잘 알려진 분입니다. 주한미군전우회는 2017년 4월 창립하여 한미동맹과 관련한 각종 주요 사안에 대하여 한미 양국의 국민들께서 인식을 제고할 수 있도록 노력해왔으며, 한미동맹을 건설하고 지속적으로 발전시키는 데 큰 역할을 해 주신 한미 양국의 참전용사님들과 예비역 장병들을 위해 다방면으로 지원해왔습니다. 새로 취임하시는 빈센트 장군께서 우리 주한미군전우회의 이 숭고한 과업을 성공적으로 이어가고 나아가 더욱 발전시킬 것이라는 데 한 치의 의심도 없습니다. 또한, 다양한 이해관계로 얽혀 있는 복잡한 사안에서도 한미동맹의 가치를 필두로 여러 의견을 가진 구성원들을 포용하고 연합하여 동맹을 강화하고 한미 양국의 국익을 증진하는 데 최선을 다할 분이십니다. 브룩스 장군님은 한국에서 복무한 한미 양국의 장병들이 건설한 위대한 이 업적들을 계승하고 발전 시켜 나갈 것입니다.”

General Brooks retired from active duty in January 2019 after serving in his final assignment as the four-star general in command of over 650,000 Koreans and Americans under arms from April 2016 to November 2018 during a critical time on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia.  He is widely respected as a speaker and leader of cohesive, innovative organizations.  He is a combat veteran and a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  General Brooks is a Principal with WestExec Advisors and is on the Board of Directors of: the Gary Sinise Foundation, Diamondback Energy Inc., and Jacobs Inc.  He is also a visiting Senior Fellow at the Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; a Distinguished Fellow at the University of Texas, with both the Clements Center for National Security and also the Strauss Center for International Security and Law; and an Executive Fellow with the Institute for Defense and Business.

빈센트 브룩스 장군(예)은 한반도와 동북아 안보에 있어 격랑의 시기였던 2016년 4월부터 2018년 11월까지 65만여 명의 한미연합전력을 지휘하는 유엔사, 한미연합사, 주한미군 사령관으로 한국에서 복무하시고 대장으로 예편하셨습니다. 퇴임 후 현재 미국 내 명망 있는 유수의 기관에서 연설 및 지도 활동을 하고 계시며 미국외교협회의 종신회원이기도 하십니다. 브룩스 장군은 미국 최고의 안보 전문가들로 구성된 집단인 웨스트이그젯어드바이저 (WestExec Advisors)를 비롯하여 게리시니스재단 (Gary Sinise Foundation), 다이아몬드백에너지 (Diamondback Energy Inc), 제이콥스 (Jacobs Inc.) 등 미국 내 권위 있는 유수의 기관 이사로 활동하고 계십니다. 또한 하버드 대학교 내 국제관계 및 과학 연구 관련 기관인 벨퍼센터 (Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs), 텍사스대학교, 클레멘츠센터 (Clements Center), 스트라스 센터, 미국안보경제연구기관 (Institute for Defense and Business) 등의 기관에서 안보 관련 선임연구원으로 왕성한 학술 활동도 병행하고 계십니다.

“This is a great honor for me.  KDVA has been essential in bringing together Americans and Koreans who care about the Alliance and how the Alliance supports both countries,” General Brooks said.  “My love for Korea and my appreciation for the Alliance are well-known, and I very much look forward to the work KDVA will continue to do in keeping both countries connected.”

“주한미군전우회를 이끌어가는 막중한 책무를 맡게 된 것을 큰 영광으로 생각합니다. 주한미군전우회는 한미동맹 강화에 뜻을 함께하시는 한미 양국의 국민을 연합하고, 이를 통해 동맹을 더욱 공고히 하여 한미 양국의 국익을 증진하는 데 큰 역할을 수행해왔습니다. 대한민국을 향한 제 애정과 한미동맹에 대한 열정을 많은 분들께서 알고 계십니다. 한미 양국을 더욱 연합하고 이 위대한 동맹이 계속 발전할 수 있도록 제게 위임하신 이 막중한 책무를 성실히 이행하겠습니다.”

After more than three years as the driving force behind the creation and operations of KDVA, General Sharp will become the Chairman of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) in October 2020.  KDVA has several events planned for his farewell later this year.

주한미군전우회의 설립자이자 회장 및 이사장으로 3년간 주한미군전우회를 성공적으로 운영하시고 주한미군전우회를 한미동맹의 핵심 기관으로 발전시키신 샤프 회장님께서 미군장교협회의 이사장으로 영전하시어 오는 10월부터 새 여정을 시작하십니다. 샤프 회장님과 관련한 여러 이임 행사가 연말 개최될 예정입니다.

KDVA continues to be the premier association that supports and advocates for the people who built the Alliance and continue to serve it in U.S. Forces Korea and Combined Forces Command.  KDVA is a 501C(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Virginia.  Please contact KDVA at, visit, and follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@KDVAvets).

주한미군전우회는 주한미군과 한미연합사에서 복무한 경험이 있는 참전용사와 예비역 장병들을 지원하고 한미동맹을 강화하는 사역에 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 주한미군전우회는 미연방법으로 규정한 비영리조직으로 버지니아주에 등록된 기관입니다. 주한미군전우회에 관한 자세한 정보는 에서 확인하실 수 있으며, 문의 사항이 있으신 경우 으로 문의하여 주십시오. 기관 행사 및 주요 소식은 페이스북( 혹은 트위터(@KDVAvets)를 통해서도 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Translated by Mr. Hong, Sukgi (professional linguist and KDVA Intern), 번역: 홍석기(통번역사/KDVA인턴),

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Apply Today! KDVA Internship Program




KDVA’s Mission:

The Korea Defense Veterans Association’s mission is to enhance the ROK-U.S. Alliance by advocating for the Alliance and supporting the people who built and serve the Alliance.

Why Become a KDVA Intern?

The KDVA Internship Program provides volunteers opportunities to learn about the ROK-U.S. Alliance and its diverse topics, gain invaluable professional experience, develop skills, make professional contacts, and make contributions to the ROK-U.S. Alliance.

Research Assistant Internship:

  • Researching topics about the ROK-U.S. Alliance.
  • Writing articles for the KDVA Quarterly Journal, KDVA Monthly Newsletter, and KDVA social media platforms.
  • Helping with social media.
  • Very flexible hours – telework when you have the time.

Event Management and Support Internship:

  • On-site support for very senior-level events.
  • Event planning, support, and participation.
  • Note taking and drafting executive summaries.
  • Short duration efforts with a lasting impact.
  • Locations: Events will take place in Washington, D.C. or Seoul.


  • KDVA Members.
  • KDVA Associate Members.
    • (College students who are interested in the U.S.-ROK Alliance and adult supporters of the ROK-U.S. Alliance can join NOW to become an Associate Member:
  • Family Members of KDVA Members and Associate Members.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Experiences and Skills:

  • Enthusiasm for the ROK-U.S. Alliance and the KDVA mission.
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Good grasp of or enthusiasm for learning social media technology, strategy, and innovation.
  • For Research Assistant Internship:  Strong writing and researching skills.
  • For Event Internship:  Poise and interpersonal skills necessary to interact with staff, honorees, volunteers, vendors, and members.

Internship Length:

  • One Year, October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

Academic Credit?

Academic credit will depend on your school’s requirements.


Questions? Email:

Please submit your application and resume by September 18, 2020. We plan to announce the KDVA Internship Team on September 25, 2020.

Internship Application

KDVA will hold a webinar about the KDVA Internship Program to give our members and supporters insights into the program and to answer questions from anyone interested in applying for the next internship group which will start on October 1, 2020.
General Walter Sharp will provide comments and take some of your questions as well.
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Recording Now Available – The Importance of Combined Forces Command’s Command Post Exercises (CPXs) Webinar


View recording on KDVA’s Digital Library page and YouTube channel.


KDVA Webinar: The Importance of Combined Forces Command’s Command Post Exercises (CPXs) Webinar 

On August 13, 2020 KDVA hosted a webinar on the Importance of Combined Forces Command’s Command Post Exercises (CPXs). LTG (Ret.) David Valcourt, former Commander Eighth Army & former senior mentor for CPXs discussed a very unique perspective on why these exercises matter in building the CFC warfighting team, growing a stronger Alliance, and maintaining an important deterrence against North Korea.

Alternate text
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A Daughter’s Tribute – Ms. Namhi Park’s tribute to General Paik Sun-yup

A Daughter’s Tribute

Ms. Namhi Park, daughter of General Paik Sun-yup shares her heartfelt tribute of her father with the Korea Defense Veterans Association in this short video.


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