Our History


October – General (Ret.) Vincent Brooks becomes Chairman and President of KDVA


April – Col. (Ret.) Steve Lee becomes Senior Vice President of KDVA


April – Incorporated as Nonprofit (501(c)3) Organization, VA, USA

April – General (Ret.) Walter “Skip” Sharp becomes Chairman and President of KDVA

May – KDVA Foundation Ceremony, Washington D.C., USA


Driving the formation of the organization thru the support from ROK Embassy and KATUSA Veterans Association


Exchanging the Ideas with ROK Embassy in U.S. and Former CDRs/DCDRs/Other leaderships of USFK Units


Initiating the idea of gathering Service Members and Veterans who served in ROK

Our Logo

    • The crossed ROK and US Flags symbolizes the strong alliance between the ROK and the U.S.
    • The four stars represent the UNC/CFC/USFK, commanded by 4-Star General
    • The first star represents the Korean War Veterans
    • The second star represents the Korea Defense Veterans and Service Members (USFK/KATUSA/CFC(ROK)) post Korean War
    • The third star represents the Family Members of the Veterans and Service Members
    • The fourth star represents the DoD Civilians who has served in ROK
    • The Laurel represents honors of veterans
    • Letter “USFK/KATUSA/CFC” represents the members of KDVA