The Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) proudly sponsored the first Korea Revisit Program for Korea Defense Veterans in 2021.

MPVA and KDVA are currently in the process of planning the upcoming 2022 revisit trips. Please make sure you sign up as a KDVA Member so that you will receive emails directly from us when we announce the Revisit Program soon.  Thank you for your interest. KDVA Membership– it is free.

MPVA will provide slots for U.S. Korea Defense Veterans along with a companion (spouses or helpers) for each Veteran.  Participants will be selected from among the KDVA membership. 

Additionally, MPVA is providing one additional slot for the other Sending States, and a travel companion.

The Sending States that supported/are supporting the United Nations Command in Korea are:  Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, the Republic of South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Over 3.3 million U.S. Service Members and thousands from the other Sending States have served in Korea since the signing of the Armistice Agreement. 

The program will be 4-5 days in Korea.  MPVA will pay 100% airfare for Veterans and 50% for companions (spouses or helpers).  MPVA will cover all other costs in Korea like meals, hotels, transportation, etc.

We will announce the dates as soon as they are confirmed.