Why join KDVA:

Benefits for our members

  • Part of a premier professional organization.
  • Help strengthen the important ROK-U.S. Alliance … that you helped build and continue to serve.
  • Honor and remember those who have served in Korea.
  • Networking and access to experts and experiences found nowhere else.
  • Mentor and mentee opportunities.
  • Staying in touch with those who served with you in Korea.
  • Opportunities to participate in forums and events.
  • Opportunities to volunteer in leadership positions.
  • Opportunities for internships.
  • Opportunities to be published.
  • Opportunities for community service.


KDVA is the only professional organization whose sole purpose is to enhance, support, and advocate for the ROK-U.S. Alliance.


  • Former and current U.S. military & DOD personnel of U.S. Forces Korea (“USFK”), Combined Forces Command (“CFC”), or the U.S. Embassy in Seoul.
  • U.S. military & DOD personnel who meet the requirements for the Korea Service Medal (“KSM”) or the Korea Defense Service Medal (“KDSM”) as delineated in AR 600-8-22, Military Awards (5 March 2019) paragraphs 2-27 or 2-22. (see excerpt)
  • Korean Augmentation to United States Army (“KATUSA”) Veterans.
  • Retired ROK Military personnel who have served in or been assigned to one of the following for at least three consecutive months.
    • United Nations Command (“UNC”).
    • CFC Headquarters and its components.
    • ROK Embassy in the United States.
    • Other ROK–U.S. Combined Commands.
    • MND, JCS, and/or Service HQs.
  • Former and current ROK government civilians of CFC and USFK, if ROK law or regulations do not prohibit. ROK and U.S. distinguished personnel who are dedicated to strengthening the ROK–U.S. Alliance.


  • Adult supporters of the ROK-U.S. Alliance.
  • College students who are interested in the U.S.-ROK Alliance.


  • ROK & U.S. distinguished personnel who are dedicated to enhancing ROK-U.S. Alliance
  • Former and current U.S. and ROK government interagency personnel who directly worked or work on ROK-U.S. Alliance topics

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KDVA Members: