Come learn with us as we explore KOREA 101 and ROK-U.S. Alliance 101!

KDVA’s 101 Series will explore basic facts about Korea and the ROK-U.S. Alliance. The KDVA interns have created content in several forms, and we welcome our members to join in the fun by sharing and reposting these … and by providing your ideas and posts as well!

KDVA will post a variety of content, several times a week in these forms:

  • Pictures with facts or a short description of the picture
  • Short video clips (5-30 seconds)
  • Cartoons
  • Short paragraph articles
  • Polls or surveys

We want YOUR contributions! Share your content with us to post on Instagram, Facebook, and our other social media outlets! If we use your content, we will be sure to give you a “shout out”! Email your content to

Some Content Ideas:

Korea 101:

  • Personal experiences living in Korea
  • Culture – styles, customs, language, traditions, etc.
  • Food – traditional, street food, fast food chains, etc.
  • Places – cities, entertainment, vacation destinations, etc.
  • History of Korea – people, folklore, clothing, etc.
  • K-POP
  • K-Beauty

ROK-U.S. Alliance 101:

  • Personal experiences serving or working in Korea
  • People you find interesting in the ROK-U.S. Alliance
  • North Korea relations
  • Important dates of the Alliance
  • The Commands (UNC, CFC, USFK)
  • Different military locations
  • ROK Embassy and consulates in the United States
  • U.S. Embassy and consulates in South Korea
  • Leaders of the Korean War

Criteria for Content:

  • Facts about South Korea and the ROK-U.S. Alliance.
  • NO political commentary.
  • NO offensive language or pictures.
  • NO insensitive materials – let’s be respectful to our Members, Followers, and general audience members.

To make it easier and quicker for us to post, please email us: 

  • Pictures with facts or a short description of the picture. Keep descriptions to a phrase or a few sentences.
  • Keep short video clips to 5-30 seconds.
  • Specify poll or survey questions.


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