U.S. Military Spouse Appreciation Day: Home is Where the Heart is

“U.S. Military Spouse Appreciation Day:

Home is Where the Heart is” 

May 12, 2023

“Home is where the heart is” are beloved words that have special meaning for military families. American Service Members for generations have found comfort and purpose in thinking about their spouses when deployed to faraway lands. Military spouses of Korean War Veterans and Korea Defense Veterans found themselves needing to be strong and take on the responsibilities of both parents: caring for children, managing the household, and providing support to the Service Member.

On “U.S. Military Spouse Appreciation Day” on May 12, 2023, the Korea Defense Veterans Association would like to say thank you to the spouses of so many of our 1.8 million Korean War Veterans and 3.3 million Korea Defense Veterans. Service Members would not have been able to fight the Korean War and continue defending South Korea without the immeasurably strong support of their loved ones. KDVA honors our spouses for their response to the call of duty.

So, from this day forward, let us remember to thank our spouses as much as we thank our Service Members. Because “home is where the heart is” is better when spouses are holding down the fort until they can be reunited with their Service Members.

Thank you, U.S. Military Spouses – for all you do!


Curtis M. Scaparrotti
General, U.S. Army (Retired)

Chairman & President
Korea Defense Veterans Association

Download Letter: KDVA Message for U.S. Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023_20230510

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