Recording Now Available: Korea Defense Veterans Webinar Series – Part 1


View the full webinar recording and short clips on KDVA’s Digital Library page and YouTube channel.

On September 17, 2020, the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) and the Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) provided Korean Defense Veterans and their families an opportunity to talk about their assignments in Korea, raised awareness about their vital, irreplaceable mission in Korea, and highlighted how Korea really is an assignment of choice!

Check out the full webinar recording and short clips by clicking the video links below or visiting the KDVA digital library page and YouTube channel.

“Together for the ROK-U.S. Alliance”


This webinar series follows the webinar series that KDVA started in June 2020 for Korean War Veterans.  Please see the webinars in the KDVA Digital Library at

Later on, KDVA will conduct a webinar about ROK and U.S. Defense Veterans of the De-militarized Zone or DMZ.


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