KDVA’s 70th Commemoration of the Korean War: “I Know A Korean War Veteran Campaign”

For the 70th commemoration of the start of the Korean War on 25 June, KDVA would like to honor those who served in the war and those who supported them from home.  We would like to hear and share the life stories of Korean War veterans, their families, and the lives they have touched.

Through written stories, photos, and short videos, we hope that people will find new appreciation for our Korean War veterans and the importance of the ROK-U.S. Alliance.  We also hope that veterans and their families will draw closer together as they discover new meaning and appreciation for the veterans’ experiences.

These stories will be living reminders of the immeasurable contributions of our Korean War veterans to the security and prosperity of the enduring ROK-U.S. Alliance.

Starting now, we ask anyone who is a Korean War veteran or knows a Korean War veteran to write short stories and share pictures or videos.

We will select some of these stories to highlight in KDVA events, the monthly KDVA “Unsung Heroes” Newsletter, and quarterly KDVA “ROK-U.S. Alliance Journal.”

Share Your Stories & Photos –

Please use the comments tool below to share your story and photos of a friend or loved one who served in Korea. To add photos, click in the text area and the image button will appear on the bottom, or add your video by pasting the URL into the text box. If you do not want to post your story on this website, please email your submission to