MG Brian Mennes

MG Brian Mennes, 10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum Commander, served in the Republic of Korea as a company commander and the Deputy Commanding General-Maneuver, 2nd Infantry Division.  Later this year, he will become Deputy Commanding General, I Corps, in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

브라이언 메네스 소장 미 제 10 산악사단(경보병) 사단장 및 포트 드럼 지휘관, 및 대한민국에서 중대장으로서 복무 및 미 제 2 보병사단의 작전 부사령관으로서 복무. 올해 이후 그는 워싱턴 루이스-맥코드 합동기지에 있는 미 육군 1군단의 부사령관이 될 예정.

“From My Service in Korea, I Learned … about the political struggle the citizens of that great nation have suffered, the patriotism and social contract by all Koreans to collectively defend the nation from potential oppression, and how the units I served with could assist in the country’s

“대한민국에서의 저의 복무 경험으로부터 저는… 그 훌륭한 국가의 시민들이 시달렸었던 정치적 투쟁, 잠재적 위협으로부터 집단적으로 국가를 방어할 모든 한국인들의 사회적 합의와 애국심과 제가 복무했던 부대들이 어떻게 국가안보에 도움을 줄 수 있는지에 대해 배우게 되었습니다.

I learned about field craft and operating in very cold winters during extended field problems as well as how to maneuver in very difficult terrain. I am very proud of my nearly three years of service in Korea.”

저는 또한 매우 어려운 지형에서 어떻게 기동할 수 있는지 와 더불어 확장된 야전의 문제 상황동안 혹한기에서의 작전수행과 야전생존기술에 대하여 배우게 되었습니다.”

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