Ms. Namhi Park has worked as a volunteer with numerous nonprofit organizations in the United States and in Korea. Over the years, she traveled with her father, General Paik, Sun-yup, throughout Europe, Asia, and North America and accompanied him in all his official visits to the United States.

Ms. Namhi Park is the first child of General Paik, Sun-yup and Mrs. No, In Suk in Seoul, Korea. She moved from Korea in 1961 to Paris, France with her family and attended Sacred Heart in Paris. She followed her family to Ottawa, Canada in 1965.

In 1972, she received a Pharmacology Degree from the University of Montreal, in Montreal, Canada. Ms. Park went back to school and received her Master of Arts in 1998 and Master of Education in 1999 at Columbia University with emphasis in Mental Retardation and Early Childhood Education. She also pursued a PhD program in Behavior Disorders at Columbia University. Ms. Namhi Park received her teaching certificate from New York State and taught children in an orphanage with intellectual difficulties and autism for many years.

She resides in Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband, Dongwook Park, a retired investment banker. They have a son (Kenneth), a daughter (Michelle), and 7 grandchildren. She is active in raising awareness and supporting the U.S.-ROK Alliance. Ms. Namhi Park is currently serving on the KDVA Council of Advisors.