Recordings Now Available – Gen. Paik Sun-yup’s 100th Birthday: Stories from His Daughter, Ms. Namhi Park


English Version –


Korean Version –

The Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) and the Korea-U.S. Alliance Foundation (KUSAF) were very honored and thankful to share Ms. Park’s stories to remember her father’s lifetime of contributions to the Korean people and the ROK-U.S. Alliance. General Paik is the greatest hero and champion of the ROK-U.S. Alliance, and KDVA and KUSAF are committed to ensuring his legacy of service and love for the Alliance inspires current and future generations.

Opening Remarks: General (Ret.) Vincent Brooks, KDVA Chairman and President

Moderator:  Colonel (Ret.) Steve Lee, KDVA Senior VP

Special Guest: Ms. Namhi Park, Gen. Paik’s oldest daughter

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