KDVA’s Congratulatory Letter for Eighth Army’s Founding Day 10 June 2021

KDVA’s Congratulatory Letter for 8A’s Anniversary_20210604_Dual_Language


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    dspencer14 says

    Congratulations on a long and successful history! I served in the forward area in the 1970’s, in the 2nd Bn/71st ADA, 38th ADA Brigade…glad to see the long and good history!

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    David Cantu says


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    Victor Manuel Zavala says

    How can I get this letter…retired sfc victor Manuel Zavala 3924 seles drive Weslaco, Texas 78599 I served in korea May 11, 1977-78.

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    Victor Manuel Zavala says

    I am a life member of the KDVA in Killeen, Texas chapter 222.

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