Support of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Statement

As leading organizations for the Veterans who defended Korea and U.S. interests from 1950 to the present day, for the economic and people-to-people relationships between Korea and the United States, and as champions for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, we condemn violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, as with any and all other groups of our fellow citizens.

We are joined together in making this strong, collective statement of support that we hope will resonate in the hearts of every one of our members, and in every community where our members live.

  • Korea Defense Veterans Association
  • Korean War Veterans Association
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation
  • Korea Economic Institute of America
  • Non Commissioned Officers Association
  • The Korea Society
  • Executive Law Partners, PLLC
  • Fisher Events and Marketing



  1. REPLY
    Terry Howell says

    The people of SE Asia and the pacific islands, have for a long time have been allies. They should be given priority status.

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