KDVA’s Korea Chapter Supports Eighth Army’s COVID-19 Response

KDVA Korea Chapter President, ROK Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Lee, Seo Young, and ROK Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Jung visited Eighth Army at Camp Humphreys on April 20, 2020 to deliver food and beverages to support 8A’s COVID-19 response.  Eighth Army Deputy Commander, BG Hur; G-7, COL Lynch; Deputy G-7, LTC Thayer, and other 8A Soldiers met with the KDVA Team to receive hundreds of boxes of apples and oranges, ramyon and choco pies, and orange juice and sodas.

They appreciated KDVA’s support and passed 8A CG, LTG Bills’ appreciation for KDVA’s support of 8A’s operations of the USFK quarantine area in Humphreys.

KDVA appreciates any opportunity to support the great men and women of Eighth Army!

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