USFK Returns Land to South Korea

PA-001-19 | Dec. 11, 2019

United States Forces Korea and the Republic of Korea announced the return of four U.S. military sites and plans to initiate more returns from U.S. to ROK government control today.

Lt. Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach, USFK Deputy Commander, and Director General Ko Yunju, North American Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs presided over the 200th Status of Forces Agreement Joint Committee meeting at Camp Humphreys.

During this meeting, the finalized and permanent returns of Camps Eagle and Long (Wonju), parcels of Camp Market (Bupyeong), and the Shea Range parcel located at Camp Hovey (Dongducheon) completes the return of these four sites back to Korean control effective today. This marks the biggest land return of former U.S. sites to the ROK since 2015, and USFK has 13 additional completely vacated and closed sites ready for return now.

The SOFA Joint Committee also initiated the return process for Yongsan Garrison which reaffirms the U.S. commitment to the Korean people and the Korean government in the execution of the Yongsan Relocation Program.

As a testament to our ROK-US alliance, USFK remains committed to returning installations as expeditiously as possible to ROK government control in accordance with the 2002 Land Partnership Program, 2004 Yongsan Relocation Program and the provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement.

United States Forces Korea

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