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Welcome to Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA)

KDVA Membership is open to the following

Regular Member

Former and current U.S. military & DOD personnel who served in U.S. Forces Korea (USFK*) or Combined Forces Command (CFC) Headquarters
Korean Augmentation To United States Army (KATUSA) Veterans
Retired ROK military personnel who served in CFC Headquarters for at least three continuous months.

*USFK includes all units which had or has stationed in ROK.
(e.g 8A, 7AF, 2ID, USNFK, MARFOR-K, FED, HQ of USAG in Korea, and all other subordinate units of the above)

Honorary Member

ROK and U.S. leaders who are making significant contributions to strengthening the ROK – U.S. Alliance can be a part of KDVA as Honorary Members. To inquire about honorary membership, please email contact@kdva.vet

Join KDVA and Stay Up-to-Date all the time, and connect and engage with your comrades!

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