KDVA-KR Chapter: 2nd ROK-US Alliance Forum

Jul 07, 2018

June 27, 2018


At last week's KDVA-KR Chapter: 2nd Annual ROK-US Alliance Forum, Gen. Vincent Brooks dismissed concerns that the recent decision by Seoul and Washington to suspend their combined military exercises would lead to an end of all other allied drills and weaken deterrence capabilities. 


He defended the decision, noting that the suspension appears intended to help the allies build trust with North Korea and add "greater effectiveness" in ongoing diplomacy on the communist state's denuclearization.


"I don't anticipate that this is an end of all exercises and training as we know it, but rather these visible exercises that are right up front that may cause unnecessary irritation at a time when the need for trust building is so important," he said during an alliance forum in Seoul.


"I will eliminate the doubt and concerns about all military training going away. I don't have any such instruction coming my way. I don't feel that is the spirit of our leaders but rather to create a room for them to be able to navigate the way forward ... to give them room if this helps set the conditions for them to have greater effectiveness in their dialogue and discussions," he added. #KDVA #ROKUSAlliance

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