Membership Type

Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) consists of former and current U.S. Military and DoD Personnel who served in U.S. Forces Korea(USFK) or Combined Forces Command (CFC) Headquarters, Korean Augmentation To United States Army (KATUSA) Veterans, Retired ROK military personnel who served in CFC Headquarters for at least three continuous months, and ROK & U.S. distinguished personnel who are dedicated to strengthening the ROK –U.S. Alliance.

The membership is composed of Regular Member and Honorary Member.

Regular Members are those eligible for membership (USFK, CFC, KATUSA)

Honorary Members are those who are not eligible for Regular Membership but have worked to strengthen the ROK-US Alliance or who otherwise have rendered exemplary service to the United States or the Republic of Korea.  Honorary member will be approved by the BOD.