• Q. Who are eligible to register to KDVA?

    A. Current or Former USFK, KATUSA, and retired CFC(ROK) service members, and DoD Personnel who served in Korea.

    Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA) consists of former and current U.S. Military and DoD Personnel who served in U.S. Forces Korea(USFK) or Combined Forces Command (CFC) Headquarters, Korean Augmentation To United States Army (KATUSA) Veterans, Retired ROK military personnel who served in CFC Headquarters for at least three continuous months, and ROK & U.S. distinguished personnel who are dedicated to strengthening the ROK –U.S. Alliance.

  • Q. I served in the Second Infantry Division, Should I register as “USFK”?

    A. Yes, you are under the category of “USFK” since Second Infantry Division is a part of USFK.

    “United States Forces Korea (USFK)” includes the all units which were or are stationed in ROK. This includes Eighth Army(8A) and it’s subordinate units stationed in Korea, Seventh Air Force(7AF) and it’s subordinate units stationed in Korea, United States Naval Forces Korea, Marine Forces Korea(MARFOR-K), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District (FED), Headquarters of United States Army Garrisons, and all other subordinate units of the above.

  • Q. I served in Korea in 19 ESC and retired, and I am residing in Korea now. Can I register as KDVA member?

    A. Yes, you are eligible to register as Regular Member with “USFK” category as a member of “KDVA Korea (KDVA-KR) Chapter.”

    KDVA consists of two departments; KDVA-US and KDVA-KR. KDVA-US governs the members (USFK/KATUSA/CFC(ROK)) who are residing in the United States, and KDVA-KR governs the members (USFK/KATUSA/CFC(ROK)) who are residing in Korea. You satisfy the USFK category since you were a part of 19ESC, which is under the Eighth Army, USFK. Also since you are living in Korea, you are a member of KDVA-KR Chapter. If you move to the United States later, you can change the chapter you are in from KDVA-KR to KDVA-US at My Page.