Join KDVA and stay connected. No matter where you are, the KDVA is there to connect the Korea Defense Veterans and Korean War Veterans! 


KDVA provides up-to-date ROK-US Alliance information and leadership opinions on the alliance. Also, the biggest membership network of the Korea Defense Veterans will keep you connected all the time. 

Membership in the KDVA is a great step for you to be connected to the largest Korea Defense Veteran community and be the biggest part of ROK-US Alliance.

  • Website

    Information to the Public is open to anyone, but some of information or functions will be limited only to the member who registered at the website.

  • News

    KDVA members will have up-to-date ROK-US Alliance News.

  • Programs

    KDVA will have many events or ceremonies.

    All members will always be invited before the general public.

  • Scholarship Eligibility

    The scholarship program provides the monetary support to the members, their spouses, and children/grandchildren.


  • Member Search

    One of the most informative functions of the website is to let members find their friends who served with them in Korea.